Scottish Book Trust (SC027669) is a national charity that believes books, reading and writing have the power to change lives and this starts from the earliest moments in a child’s life. A love of reading from an early age has many lifelong benefits. It inspires creativity, improves employment opportunities, mental health and wellbeing and is one of the most effective ways to help break the poverty cycle.

All proceeds from our shop will go directly into our charity to enable us to deliver more of our work. Demand for our work has never been greater. Some of our programmes include:

  • Supporting families unable to attend Bookbug sessions or in need of specialist support through Bookbug for the Home.
  • Gifting books to children and families in need at Christmas with foodbanks and other community groups. 
  • Helping people living with dementia and the people who care for them through Reading is Caring.

Why buy from Scottish Book Trust?

  • All proceeds from your purchase will go directly to helping us reach more people and families in need of our support, all over Scotland.
  • Scottish Book Trust products are carefully selected by our Early Years experts.
  • You love reading and care about our mission of ensuring everyone in Scotland has equal access to books and the many benefits this can bring.
  • Bookbug toys and other branded items make great birthday or Christmas gifts while supporting a very good cause.
  • Our Bookbug toys and products are only available via Scottish Book Trust’s website.
  • Ordering via our website is easy, safe and secure.