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Scotland's Stories of Home book

Scotland's Stories of Home book

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My home is. . . A pot of soup. The kitchen sink. A duvet cover. 'The Talk' from your dad. A kiss from your love. Help from a neighbour. 1970s brown and orange wallpaper. An air-raid shelter in 1941. A country remembered from far away. Home means different things for the people of Scotland, but these stories remind us of the things that form the foundations of our homes – our families, our friends and our memories.

This collection was written by people all over the country, reflecting on the theme of Home, as part of our annual Scotland's Stories project.

The book is a gift to you from Scottish Book Trust, originally printed to celebrate Book Week Scotland 2014.

If you enjoy it, please consider making a donation so that everyone in Scotland has the opportunity to improve their life chances through books and the fundamental skills of reading and writing.

There is a limit of 1 edition of Scotland's Stories of Home per order.

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